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Rolling out to an office near you.

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Roll-in, roll-out.

Urbens have always been flexible, but this is another level. The Urben Mobi is a truly mobile video conferencing solution that gives you total flexibility. Bring video into any space as and when you need it; share resources amongst multiple rooms and banish the school-style video cart!

Ultimate flexibility.

Anywhere. Any tech. Your branding. There’s no reason mobile can’t be stylish.

You spin me right round.

Spin the Mobi for easy whiteboarding. Get the best of both worlds with a flexible digital solution, with traditional whiteboard collaboration at the same time.

A true companion.

An Urben Mobi companion board can follow you to any meeting space. Touchscreen capability helps boost creative thinking in critical meetings or idea workshops to boost collaboration – virtually or in person.

More than a video cart.

Urbens include everything you need from a video solution – it’s not just a mobile frame. The Mobi contains all hardware and software for a truly plug-and-play approach to video conferencing.

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben Mobi solution.

Installation in minutes.

Versatile and easy.

Urben solutions are easy-to-install quickly, none more so, than the Urben Kiosk. This light-weight stand solution offers users a contactless virtual reception experience for areas such as corporate receptions, lobbies and airport check-ins. Completely freestanding with no building work required.

Any colour. Any size.

As with all Urben solutions, our Mobi solutions can be fully customised to reflect your unique brand.

Touchscreen capabilities.

Take collaboration to the next level with touchscreen capability. Immerse yourself in the moment by leveraging the interactivity of touchscreen, boosting communication and productivity for everyone in the meeting.