Mobi Frames

The Urben Mobi is the perfect collaboration companion, combining a flexible digital solution with traditional whiteboard space for those critical brainstorming moments.

Say goodbye to traditional AV carts

The Urben Mobi is the perfect alternative to traditional mobile AV carts. Designed to be plug & play, easily loaded with your choice of software and hardware, and all wiring self-contained, it’s the ideal solution for truly flexible meeting spaces:

Display options

Compatible with LG, Samsung or NEC 

Screen size

55”, 65” and 75” screen options

AV hardware 

Compatible with Cisco, Logitech, Poly or Neat 


Laptop or meeting room scheduler shelf


Rotate and use for whiteboarding on the back panel

Why choose Urben Mobi Frames?

Flexible enough for any space

The Urben Mobi is the ideal solution for any space where flexibility is key. We often deploy the Mobi in huddle spaces, small meeting rooms, and large open plan or partitioned spaces.

This modern alternative to the AV cart is just as adaptable, but with the aesthetic design that only Urben brings.

Truly plug & play

Wheel in the Mobi for a last minute brainstorming session and wheel it right back out again when you’re done.

All wiring and hardware is contained within the unit so all you need is power and data, and you’re ready to collaborate.

Case study: British multinational company

Find out how Urben enabled a seamless upgrade for these MS Teams Rooms by integrating new Mobi solutions with existing systems that were in place.

Whiteboarding and digital displays brought the best of both worlds together for an ultimate collaboration solution.

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