Triple Frames

Whether you’re looking to replace legacy telepresence products or you want to bring immersive experiences to your larger spaces, the Urben Triple is the simple, flexible solution.

Modernizing the executive experience

The Urben Triple is a game-changer for immersive collaboration. Fully-customizable display, camera, hardware and install options give you the flexibility you need to reinvigorate your larger meeting real estate:

Display options

Compatible with LG, Samsung or NEC 

Screen size

55”, 65” and 75” screen options

Installation options

Fixed or freestanding

AV hardware 

Compatible with Cisco, Logitech, Poly or Neat 

Camera position 

Mount above or below screen

Why choose Urben Triple Frames?

Seamlessly replace legacy telepresence solutions

If you have end-of-life telepresence products like Cisco IX5000 or Poly RPX, then the Urben Triple is your ideal solution.

Designed to easily recreate telepresence environments without the need for new hardware, it’s already helping multiple global Enterprises update their space whilst protecting initial investment.

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A consistent experience across the globe

Urben’s frictionless installation process mean implementation costs decrease by up to 50% compared to traditional options.

Great to know when deploying Enterprise meeting room experiences across multiple global locations.

Case study: Global biopharmaceutical company

Find out how this US-based Pharma giant created an executive Zoom Room in their global headquarters with the Urben Triple screen solution.

The combined requirement of an aesthetic solution and high-impact data sharing and visuals made Urben the clear choice.

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