Media Walls

Limitless Creativity, Seamless Integration

Optimized Viewing Experience:

Designed with versatility in mind, Urben Media Walls allow you to unleash your creativity. With easy-to-connect modules, you can build and shape the wall to suit your business needs and can fit into any space. Big corporate enterprises, executive briefing centres, auditoriums, and high-end collaborative environments are where our Media Walls shine but are also great for everything from retail spaces to reception lobbies and airport lounges to mission control rooms for making critical decisions.

Display options

Compatible with all major LED manufacturers

Screen size

110”, 164” or 300” screen size options

Installation options

Fixed or Freestanding

AV hardware 

Compatible with supporting cameras and speakers from a range of manufacturers

Camera Position

Adaptable camera locations

Why choose Urben Media Walls?

Multi-purpose brilliance

Urben Media Walls are intended to be completely flexible and scalable, allowing them to be used in many ways. One of the most popular is as a town-hall centre piece in an open-plan office environment. They are also great for spontaneous group collaboration as well as all-hands presentation meetings bringing the whole company together.

Fully bundled and pre-wired for effortless setup

Say goodbye to the hassle of cable management and intricate setups. Urben Media Walls come fully bundled and pre-cabled, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The convenience of pre-cabled panels means you spend less time configuring and more time enjoying the immersive visuals. The bundled system ensures that all components work seamlessly together, providing a plug-and-play solution for those who value simplicity without compromising on quality.

Glow big or glow home

Our expertly engineered frames not only contribute to the visual appeal but also facilitate easy maintenance. The frames allow for maintenance tasks, such as cleaning or replacing individual LED panels. This feature ensures that the upkeep of your modular LED wall is straightforward, minimizing downtime and maximizing the enjoyment of the immersive content on screen.