About Urben

A team of innovators and industry experts, challenging tradition to help global organizations seamlessly roll out a meeting room standard.

Urben is made up of a team of passionate innovators and industry specialists, on a mission to challenge the way meeting spaces are created.

We believe that even the most complex environments and requirements can seamlessly become captivating collaboration experiences.

Working in close partnership with customers and partners across the globe, we combine 30+ years of industry expertise with a truly unique approach to design. Global organizations trust Urben to take them on a journey.

We listen, we understand, and we move forward in partnership to produce the ultimate experience, whatever the meeting place or space.

“Urben is redefining how Enterprises create and scale their global meeting room standards. We’ve taken some of the challenges that face our customers across the globe and developed a solution - an evolving range of AV frames that are beautifully designed, flexible, easily installed, and simple to scale. We’re enabling meeting spaces to be created like they’ve never been before.”

Mike Entwistle, CEO

The Urben Experience

At Urben, the customer journey is broken down into a simple process that is designed to make meeting room installations 70% faster and up to 30% more affordable.

Define the project scope

Choose from a range of configuration options for fixed, floor mounted and mobile systems including screen size for Single, Dual, Triple frames, and camera positioning above or below.

Assembled, pre-wired and tested by us

Every Urben product is assembled, pre-staged and put through rigorous quality control checks at one of our local test and build centers, which means it’s ready to install as soon as it arrives.

Delivered to your door, globally

Our global delivery operation gives you a fast and frictionless way to build a consistent global standard and a meeting experience that feels the same, no matter where your people are.

Hassle-free installation

Urben products are design to be installed without any building work required. They are self-contained units which can be installed as freestanding, fixed or mobile solutions to give you complete flexibility.

Plug & play

As simple to set up as a printer, all that’s required to start using an Urben is power and data.

Defining the scope


Pre-wiring & Assembly


Pre-staging & Packaging


Global Delivery




Plug in Power & Data


Unique design

Urben's globally acclaimed frame designs raise the standards for meeting room installations and media walls. Our beautiful all-in-one solutions are fully wired, fully loaded, and ready to rock and roll.

Great user experience

Fundamentally, we care. Our approach to modern workspaces is fuelled by our dedication to the customer, and our obsession with delivering reliable, compelling user experiences.