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Poly RPX Replacement

Poly RPX range.

The Poly RPX TelePresence Series provided a traditional video suite environment, enabling C-suite execs to remove the challenge of extended travel, inflated travel budgets and lost productivity.

As video collaboration usage accelerated dramatically in 2020, with the global video conferencing market in 2021 estimated at $6.03 billion, the challenge facing organisations is how they can adapt their current meeting room estate with video enabled end points through solutions that can be easily adopted across the company. As the Polycom RPX HD series is standards-based, the cost of integrating video collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom can be great and accessible only through expensive managed services options.

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben Poly RPX Replacement solution.

Seamless upgrades.

Urben offers a range of solutions to upgrade your legacy Poly TelePresence environments. Whether you are looking to adopt single, dual, or even triple screen systems, Urben frames are plug and play and easily deployable anywhere in the world.

Full immersion.

Our iD suites deliver the perfect space for immersive tele and data collaboration and offer a unique alternative to traditional telepresence environments and are fully scalable with screen sizes ranging from 49” up to 100”.

Enhanced AV.

Combining crystal-clear audio with premium video, Urben telepresence replacement solutions enable meeting participants to maintain the visual connection with their audience while sharing business critical information.

Easy to deploy.

Our solutions are also incredibly easy to deploy and are available for global rollout. These floor-mounted solutions simply screw to the floor and attach to the wall, and we mean any type of wall – brick or glass and even listed buildings, installs with the Urben frame takes hours not days.

Pre-wired and fully bundled.

All Urben systems come pre-wired, fully loomed and loaded with storage; our Poly RPX Replacement solution really is a plug-and-play approach.

Hours. Not days.

No building work required.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our freestanding, fixed and mobile solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply have them wall-mounted, floor mounted or freestanding.