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MX700/800 Replacement

Engineered to go all out. All the time

Cisco MX range.

The Cisco TelePresence MX range brought Cisco into high-end meeting rooms through multi-purpose systems to turn meeting rooms into collaboration hubs. The MX700 and MX800 connected teams across the globe and featured dual LED monitors for people only or people and content experience. But what happens now that these solutions are end of life? Enter Urben...

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben MX700/800 Replacement solution.

The complete solution.

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly upgrade your legacy MX700 and MX800 video collaboration suites, replacing them with beautifully designed, all-in-one frames that can be easily installed to create a more immersive space.

A no-friction experience.

However you meet, in-person or over video, Urben delivers a standardised user experience from any location and reduces the need for ongoing support of legacy TelePresence platforms, giving you more time to concentrate on what's important.

Deployed ready-to-use.

Our solutions can be deployed quickly, significantly reducing meeting space downtime and are completely pre-wired and loaded for storage, making them ideal for fast and efficient replacement of your existing MX700 or MX800 systems. Our frictionless approach to installation is offered world-wide and can deliver up to a 50% saving for global deployments.

Outstanding customisation.

Urben offers a range of different configurations to equip every space with high quality tools for immersive collaboration. Choose from a single system for video meetings or dual display solutions enabling meeting participants to easily manipulate data while in video calls to maintain best-in-class meetings.

Pre-wired and fully bundled.

All Urben systems come pre-wired, fully loomed and loaded with storage; our MX700/800 Replacement solution really is a plug-and-play approach.

Hours. Not days.

No building work required.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our freestanding, fixed and mobile solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply have them wall-mounted, floor mounted or freestanding.

Our Single solutions.

Single screen solutions are perfect for huddle spaces, but their scalability makes them uniquely versatile. With screen sizes ranging from 49" all the way to 146" the use cases are endless.

Learn more about Urben Single and Dual solutions.