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Three is the magic number.

Double data.

Whether you’re presenting to your peers or to a client, you’re going to want to double up. Imagine, data on two screens and video on another. Trio solutions allow you to do this with ease, giving you that extra confidence to shine and make those executive decisions.

The power of three.

Not only do Trio screen solutions allow for triple the storage, they also give you triple the power - process that! You can customise the technology powering your collaborative environments without the worry of space limitation or exposed cables and units.

Frames for business.

Trios are designed for more efficient decision making in those vital moments and ultimately better business.

Designed for space.

Trio solutions provide the perfect collaborative environments for medium and large groups, ensuring the highest levels of productivity in even the biggest of spaces.

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben Trio solution.

Hours. Not days.

Install at triple speed.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our floor-mounted solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply screw to the floor and attach to the wall (brick, glass... you name it).

Any colour. Any size.

As with all Urben solutions, our Trio solutions can be fully customised to reflect your unique brand.

iD Suites.

Fully immersive datapresence.

Urben Trio systems are powerful and versatile. Take your environment to the next level with our high-end iD solutions. The whole suite is designed to totally immerse you in your mission-critical data.

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