Urben Standard Solutions

Seamlessly roll out your global meeting room standard

Build the solution that works for you

Our standard solutions range is designed to enable quick and easy deployment of a global standard across all of your meeting spaces.

Urben’s unique approach combined with our patented frame design gives you ultimate flexibility to create the solution you need without the need for bespoke:

Frame Size

Single Frame, Dual Frame or Triple Frame options

Display options

Compatible with LG, Samsung or NEC

Screen size

55”, 65” and 75” screen options

Installation options

Fixed, freestanding or mobile

AV hardware

Compatible with Cisco, Logitech, Poly or Neat

Camera position

Choose to have your video bar mounted above or below the screen

Standard Solutions Range

Our process is simple. Pick your frames, integrate your technology, choose how you want to install, and you’re ready to go.

Flexi Frames

Flexi Frames offer flexibility in technology choices and mounting options. This new, all-in-one approach delivers everything you need to set your AV standards in your workspaces more quickly and easily than ever.

Compatible with a wide range of screen sizes, from 49" up to 65"
Flexi includes fixed, freestanding and mobile mounting options as standard
Flexi gives you option of easily mounting the camera above or below screen

Single Frames

Bring your collaboration spaces to life. Red Dot award-winning, versatile and fully customizable.

55”, 65” and 75” screen size options
Pre-wired and ready to install
Fixed, freestanding or mobile

Dual Frames

Build meeting spaces that people want to be in. The ideal solution for any environment, from huddles and MS Teams rooms right up to the boardroom.

Fully customizable
Ideal Cisco MX700/800 replacement
Technology agnostic

Triple Frames

Turn your large spaces into an immersive executive experience. Perfect for legacy telepresence replacements.

Freestanding or fixed
Alternative to legacy Cisco IX5000
High-end experience

Mobi Frames

The Urben Mobi is the perfect collaboration companion, combining a flexible digital solution with traditional whiteboard space for those critical brainstorming moments.

Plug & play and fully mobile
Reversible with an in-built whiteboard
Multiple hardware and software options

Media Walls

Designed with versatility in mind. With easy-to-connect modules, you can build and shape the wall to suit your business needs and can fit into any space.

110”, 164” or 300” screen size options
Completely flexible and scalable
Compatible with all major LED manufacturers