Workplace Design Made Easy

Empower your workspace, with no compromise on style.

The office is changing. Even before COVID-19, businesses were demanding more collaborative spaces, using more video in meetings, and requesting sustainable environments that support home/office hybrid workstyles.

Urben help designers create amazing video-enabled collaborative workspaces, keeping things reassuringly simple

World-class tech embedded in
all-in-one systems

Fully customisable with any textures, colours or logos

Install anywhere with no building work

One-stop-shop for video-enabled workspaces (from design, installation and maintenance, to technology and acoustics)

"Drag & Drop" models for BIM and workplace planning

No friction.

Urben is the easiest way to integrate video and AV into office designs. Unique engineering keeps cost and complications down. No complicated or expensive building works are required; all you need is power and data.

Your design. Your way.

An Urben solution means no compromise to your design aesthetics. It can be customised in any colour, any combination of technology, and screen sizes range from an impressive 32” to 146”. Use it to make a statement, or keep it discrete.

Adapting for COVID-19.

Urbens are scalable and simple, allowing you to redesign offices as quickly as you need. Our low-cost Lite and Nano units are the versatile solution to repurposing existing meeting space into collaborative huddle spaces, but doing so in a way that benefits long-term working practices and style. Empowering huddle spaces with video means doing it once, and doing it right.

Versatile investment.

Whatever the space, there’s an Urben that can help. With workspace designers under pressure to create multi-purpose environments, the customisation of Urbens enables true versatility. The combination of aesthetics and functionality means including an Urben in your office design is including a solution for meeting rooms, digital signage and town halls alike.

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben solution.

Hours. Not days.

No building work required.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our floor-mounted solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply screw to the floor and attach to the wall (brick, glass, listed buildings... you name it).

Keep it simple, from design to installation.

Integrating Urben’s all-in-one systems into your office designs has never been easier. We provide BIM-friendly drag-and-drop models for solutions ranging from 32” to 146”, for accurate and easy planning from the get-go. Urben also can provide complementary acoustic and lighting treatments to boost AV performance.

Contact us today to discuss which drag-and-drop models you need.

A full end-to-end service.

Space utilisation is critical. Urben’s Managed Services enable insight into how a client’s video estate and meeting rooms are being used, so that any investment is maximised. Our monitoring and reporting service identifies faults proactively so that users get a great experience long after initial installation.

Urben adapted their own boardrooms as a showcase for COVID-19 adaptation and innovative workplace solutions. Check out our virtual tour to see a real-life example of how offices can be adapted during the pandemic.