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Urben for Microsoft Front Row


 min read

October 2022

What is Microsoft Front Row? 

Hailed as the future of hybrid working, Microsoft Front Row is just one of a number of developments for Microsoft Teams designed to narrow the gap between the in-person & remote experience in a number of scenarios. 

Front Row moves the video gallery to the bottom of the display, so remote participants are face-to-face with the meeting participants in the physical meeting room. In addition, the chat comments are visible for all, remote and in-person, enabling everyone to see and engage with what's happening in the chat room from the display as opposed to through their personal device, making the meeting experience more immersive and inclusive for everyone. 

A company representative at Microsoft stated, "With front row, remote attendees are seen in the room at eye level and additional meeting experiences including chat, and a rostered view of participants with raised hands, are brought to the front of room screen. Users can select the front row layout from the layout chooser experience on the Teams Rooms console. It can also be set as the default layout or turned off altogether by device admins,”

Front Row is available now for all Teams Rooms on Windows, with single and dual display modes and supports a 21:9 aspect ratio, making a 105” display the ideal platform to display Front Row effectively. 

Why Urben for Front Row? 

Urben has partnered with the team at Jupiter to develop an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution for Microsoft Front Row. Demonstrated for the first time at InfoComm in June 2022, the team at Urben have designed a bespoke frame solution for Jupiter 105” or 81” displays and a solution for dual display screens as either free-standing or fixed to the floor and wall. 

Mike Entwistle, CEO, Urben; “The pandemic has changed the workplace permanently, transforming where, when and how we meet with our teams and clients. The acceleration of Microsoft Teams within the Enterprise has been rapid. We are witnessing the challenge many organisations face trying to deliver a universal experience within meetings, regardless of where people are accessing the meeting from. Microsoft Front Row is a game changer and tackles this challenge head-on; when we saw it, we immediately wanted to create a solution that fitted the Urben ethos, was quick to deploy and was easy to use. Working with the team at Jupiter, we have created a solution that takes away all of the headaches IT teams are currently facing. 

Quick and easy to install, the Urben Hybrid Rooms Solution transforms meeting spaces into immersive Teams Rooms, enabling your teams to experience the full benefits of Front Row instantly. Featuring the very latest in camera and audio functionality from leading brands including Logitech and Poly, choosing Urben takes away the headache of different components and provides a one-stop solution for Microsoft Front Row.

Find out more here.