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The future of work


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July 2022

Shaping the future workplace

As we face a second year with the prospect of another festive lockdown or restrictions in a bid to combat escalating COVID cases and variants, the future of work is uncertain. While the debate continues with various viewpoints on remote and hybrid working, one thing is sure that the door of the traditional workspace has been closed, perhaps permanently.

Some organisations may return to the regular nine to five routines, with a centralised office and an ‘as it was before’ approach to working environments, but many more will use the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink working practices, exploring more opportunities for remote and hybrid working.

A recent survey of office workers in Australia, conducted by architect firm Hassell, explored how we will work in the future, stating that for some companies, the benefits of a remote workforce dictates the need for it to stay. In contrast, others feel that productivity suffers when teams cannot collaborate in person.

The research highlights the new models emerging in how and where we work, offering organisations the chance to choose a model that’s right for them, eliminating the need to bow to conformity.

Outside of the traditional nine to five model, the other options include Turbocharged ABW, where the office becomes a shared space for activity-based working or one where the office becomes a social hub for team engagement called Clubhouse.

The Hub and spoke model see smaller, satellite offices that reduce the need for the long commute but still benefit from in-person collaboration or permanent remote working where people connect virtually, perhaps meeting up for social get-togethers a couple of times a year.

In all the examples, technology will play a critical part in delivering environments that enable teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

At Urben, we are focused on creating technology that disrupts the way we work. We develop solutions designed to challenge traditional working practices and enable teams to focus on the output rather than the process. We understand the complex issues facing organisations post pandemic and design our solutions to facilitate better ways of working.

Our solutions have 3 simple objectives:

To bring teams together quickly and efficiently
2. To enable teams to collaborate more effectively
3. To be intuitive

The Urben Mobi is an example of our innovative approach to product design. Perfect for any environment that requires multi-purpose meeting spaces or the need to share resources, the Mobi is literally our Urben frame, on wheels.

This mobile solution enables meeting and video collaboration to happen anywhere where there is a plug socket, turning empty spaces into collaboration hubs at the flick of a switch.

Team members can instantly start a video call with colleagues around the world, accelerating video collaboration, or spin the Mobi round and use traditional whiteboard on the back of the Mobi for in-person collaboration. The Urben Mobi can also be used as stand-alone or together for activity based working.

For those organisations that are looking to improve their workspace experience for their teams, the Urben Mobi delivers, bringing teams together seamlessly for improved productive collaboration everywhere across the office.