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How to facilitate effective hybrid working environments


 min read

August 2022

Tips for hybrid working environments

According to Microsoft, 70% of workers want flexible remote work options to continue, with 65% of workers craving more in-person time with their teams, solidifying the need for organisations to seriously consider their hybrid working strategies to create effective working environments for staff.

Here are our top tips for creating functioning hybrid working environments for your organization.

1. Consider a hybrid working schedule

One of the most important considerations when you think about a hybrid working environment, is to ensure that teams have a positive experience when they visit the office. So, whether you are considering hybrid working to stagger staff access or looking to ensure that when people come to the office, there is a vibrant environment, it might be worthwhile investing in a hybrid working schedule. Creating a hybrid working calendar doesn't need to be complicated; it can work well on a shared Google calendar. Everyone can add in when they want to be in the office and when they want to work remotely, and from there -everyone can have clear visibility.

2. Invest in the proper hardware

Everyone must have the same meeting experience in any hybrid working environment, regardless of their location. Remote participants need the right set-up, including a web camera, microphone, or business-grade headset. Still, it's also important to review your meeting room technology to deliver an inclusive experience for in-person meeting delegates, including investing in proper technology for premium audio and visual experience. Urben offers a range of integrated, out-of-the-box solutions for an immersive meeting experience.

3. Use team management software

Ensuring your hybrid teams remain connected is critical for organisations embracing hybrid working. There are several team management software platforms to enable teams to stay productive. Here are four of our favourites.

Ideal for project management, Trello brings together all projects assigned to team members in one place, perfect if your team has a lot going on with multiple tasks and deadlines to manage.

Slack is a great messaging app designed for business that brings together people in one team for unified collaboration.

An excellent solution for teammates, Monday enables you to share projects, you create different 'boards' and can assign actions as needed; Monday is great for any department that needs to collaborate.

With Docs, Sheets, Chat and Drive all in one place, teammates will enjoy the simplicity of the Google Workspace platform to drive productivity and team collaboration.

4. Ensure you have regular check-in points throughout the month

Not having teams physically together in an office can be daunting for some companies and some employees. If you embrace hybrid working across your organisation, it's important to implement regular checkpoints for team members to meet regularly, virtually, and in person. By putting regular team meetings and get-together's on the calendar, employees will feel that they have the opportunity to stay connected and continue team camaraderie.