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Green Tech


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January 2023

Contributing positively to the green agenda

Sustainability is a topic that is increasing in focus, with many businesses and governments committing to sustainable goals, such as reducing their environmental footprints and conserving resources.

Technology has a big part to play in our sustainability story, mainly as it contributes to around 3% of our global carbon emissions, and its a trend that will undoubtedly increase, especially when you consider that the predicted annual growth of connected devices is expected to grow by 12% over the next ten years.

The pandemic escalated the global digital transformation agenda dramatically. According to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, GeSI, technology has the potential to contribute to all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals – including over 50% of the 169 sub-targets.

Creating solutions that contribute positively to the green agenda is fundamental to our ethos at Urben. We want to create technology that is transformative for our users and the planet simultaneously, and through our comprehensive R&D process, we create solutions that contribute to carbon footprint reduction. As a result of hybrid working adoption, omissions and pollution from travelling to and from work have naturally reduced, with the majority of meetings now scheduled using video, saving travel time, money and energy.

The office still plays an important part in having an effective, productive workforce, but its role has changed dramatically. With more of us having the flexibility to choose when and where we work, office locations must be adaptable, and so does technology.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, in conjunction with Gartner, the next challenge facing organisations is moving from looking digital to living digital, with companies only able to transition into digital workplace leaders when their workers are fully connected and able to enjoy a digital experience that is seamless, hyper-personalised and continuously improved.

Urben works closely with our clients to help them redefine their hybrid working experience, designing solutions that enable teams to stay connected and productive through video collaboration.

Five ways choosing Urben will help your organisation be greener...

1. Urben solutions can be easily standardised, delivering a uniform experience for users across all your office locations.

Urben frames are easy to maintain, dramatically reducing the manpower required to support the technology.

Urben is designed to be flexible, enabling you to share assets between spaces as needed.

Urben frames can be easily de-installed and re-installed into different locations, extending the life of your technology.

With Urben, there’s no need for expensive and intrusive installations or the requirement to re-enforce walls. Simply remove the pre-configured Urben solution from the box and secure straight to your floor and move onto the next room.

With offices worldwide, Urben has long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading brands, helping them define their hybrid working strategies and sustainability goals. We recognise that every customer is unique, and we work with you to help define the right technology to support your objectives.

Talk to our team of experts today about how choosing Urben can help your organisation be more green.