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Finding the hybrid balance


 min read

August 2022

Hybrid Working

‘Hybrid’ – it’s a term that has become synonymous within the global workforce following the pandemic.

Nowadays, there is worldwide recognition that work doesn’t have to happen in an office and that employees and teams can be just as effective working remotely as they do in an office environment.

Recent studies indicate that as many as 85% of people want to move forward with a hybrid functional approach, but what does hybrid working mean?

For some, it’s the ability to work on-site while colleagues work remotely, therefore reducing the number of employees in the office at any given time. In contrast, other organisations request teams to be in the office together for some of the working week for team morale and engagement.

Whatever ‘hybrid’ means within your organisation, having a hybrid working strategy that considers location, technology and interaction will undoubtedly ensure that your teams remain productive and always engaged, and help your organisation thrive through hybrid working.

1. Location – COVID has helped prove that work can happen anywhere if your employees have the right tools to do the job effectively. An efficient hybrid working strategy should enable employees to move from remote working locations into office environments seamlessly.

2. Technology – We have witnessed a technology revolution in the last couple of years as the era of video collaboration emerged. Organisations should now be considering how to improve solutions for their teams, creating robust, reliable, and compelling experiences that enable productive outcomes for groups large and small across multiple time zones.

3. Interaction – In the hybrid working world, it is crucial to ensure that the natural human experience of interaction and collaboration is replicated through audio and video for remote workers. This is now considered a primary consideration for organisations adopting a hybrid working strategy.

Adopting solutions that enable people to come together quickly and efficiently, for scheduled or ad-hoc meetings or catch ups is key to a successful hybrid working environment.

Creating solutions that bring together location, technology and interactions is what the team at Urben are passionate about.

We help organisations deploy hybrid working standards across their locations globally, creating agile, flexible environments for every type of meeting or interaction, whether
people are in the room together or conversing remotely.

Our emphasis is on delivering world-class experiences for all to bridge the hybrid gap and enable teams to collaborate in a natural and intuitive manner. Talk to us today about how we can help you and your teams successfully create hybrid working practices and environments that empowers your employees and delight your customers.