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Creating modern working environments for hybrid teams


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August 2022

Accelerate decision making

The pandemic has seen working patterns change beyond recognition. The luxury of working from home became a chore for many as working days became longer and we struggled to maintain a home life/ work-life balance. Since the summer, the lines around where we work have blurred, with governments enforcing different guidelines around where people should work, and business leaders face the challenge of managing remote-based teams versus real estate costs. It's inevitable then that most people are now required to comeback into the office in some capacity, and, as they return, a new challenge is emerging. How to connect teams that may not be physically together in the office? How to deliver an experience that enables collaboration and accelerates productivity? How to extend the video experience from personal devices into meeting rooms and spaces simply and effectively?

Urben has created a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet these challenges. We consistently evolve our proposition to deliver products that improve how people work together, simplifying collaboration and accelerating productivity throughout the office, from the reception to town hall spaces; whatever the requirement, Urben has the answer.

We've provided a walkthrough of our solutions for you below; the only challenge you might have is deciding how many Urben's you will need!

Urben Kiosk – Ideal for reception spaces

The kiosk is our low-cost, high-quality instant kiosk solution for receptions and open meeting areas. A stylish, easy way to establish way finding and digital signage around your office spaces, the Urben Kiosk ensures staff have the flexibility to perform tasks away from the front desk whilst still being on-hand in an instant. It means more efficient working practices and increased hiring potential for your business.

Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/kiosk

Urben Lite – The perfect addition for huddle spaces

Whether partitioning and repurposing unused auditoriums or downsizing offices, businesses are looking for ways to facilitate multiple meeting environments that accommodate smaller groups of people. These huddle spaces and small meeting rooms are the perfect environments for Urben Lite, bringing video into the area in an elegant, beautiful fashion.

Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/lite

Urben Single – A great way to bring video to small meeting spaces

Singles are suited to all sorts of spaces. With new ways of working emerging and a desire for accessible casual meeting spaces, the Urben 551 solutions are taking off! 55" screen, custom tech and custom branding. A winning combo for huddle rooms and beyond. Because they are so versatile, Singles are perfect solutions to dot about an office floor plan.

Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/single

Urben Mobi – Deliver video collaboration anywhere and everywhere

A mobile video conferencing solution that gives you total flexibility. Bring video into any space as and when you need it; share resources amongst multiple rooms and banish the school-style video cart! Spin the Mobi for easy whiteboarding. Get the best of both worlds with a flexible digital solution, with traditional whiteboard collaboration at the same time. A Urben Mobi companion board can follow you to any meeting space. Touchscreen capability helps boost creative thinking in critical meetings or idea workshops to boost collaboration – virtually or in person.

 Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/mobi

Urben Dual – Accelerate meeting outcomes with two screens for data and video collaboration

Dual screen solutions are fast becoming the most popular setup for modern meeting environments. The scalability of our designs means Duals are well suited to anything from a four-person environment right through to a 30-seater boardroom. One screen for wireless content sharing, real-time annotation and whiteboarding, and another screen for high-quality video conferencing, allowing you to pick up on body language and non-verbal cues. Present ideas and analyse data without compromising personal interaction.

Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/dual

Urben Trio – The ultimate Telepresence replacement solution

Trios are designed for more efficient decision making in those vital moments. Whatever your UC platform, Urben systems are easy to install and easier to use. First time, every time, they work. Whether you're presenting to your peers or a client, you're going to want to double up. Imagine data on two screens and video on another. Trio solutions allow you to do this with ease, giving you that extra confidence to shine and make those executive decisions.

Find out more: https://www.urbentech.com/systems/trio