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Apps to make you more productive in the hybrid workspace


 min read

August 2022

Accelerate decision making

Here at Urben, we get what is means to be ‘hybrid productive’ - how to enable your employees to move seamlessly from remote working environments into the office, providing a meeting room standard in every location. But remaining productive when you are outside of the meeting room can still prove challenging. There are hundreds of apps available that are designed specifically to help teams continue to collaborate and accelerate decision making and output.

Here are 8 of our favourite applications to help you become more productive in every aspect of your working day.

1. Hootsuite – ideal for social media marketing

A must have for marketing teams, Hootsuite brings together all your company’s social media platforms into one place, allowing for instant and easy visibility to all your social media posts across all your platforms. You can post directly from Hootsuite and share across different apps, all from the intuitive interface and it even recommends the best time to post based on previous engagement.

2. Trello – get teams working efficiently together

Trello is a collaboration tool that organises projects into boards with the ability to assign tasks to individuals, enabling teams to see who is working on what at a glance. With its easily digestible format, Trello is an intuitive way to ensure teams stay on track and productive.

3. Cascade – strategic planning and implementation made easy

The perfect tool for strategic planning across functional teams, Cascade allows you to connect objectives, projects or KPIs, making them more actionable and measurable and engaging employees and stakeholders alike.

4. Todoist – an online task master to keep you on track

Todoist is just that – your personal to-do list and task manager. Available in app or desktop format, Todoist combines a range of different tasks, projects, content and more to enable individuals and teams exceed their productivity expectations.

5. Canva – take your marketing content to the next level

A modern marketers dream, Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to create social media posts, posters, presentations, infographics and so much more. If you are looking to increase your content marketing library, Canva is an awesome app that enables you to create compelling, rich assets, instantly.

6. Basecamp – online collaboration tool that brings teams together

This is an online collaboration app that lets people keep on track of all their tasks, deadlines, and files all in one place. Basecamp also allows people to communicate with each other all in one place so everyone involved in a project can have a 360 view of all aspects of a project.

7. Toggl – track your time and productivity quickly

Toggle your time – need to account for how much time you spend with a client or on a specific task? Then look no further than Toggl, a time tracking app that lets you know how you spend your time and how to plan your schedule through in-depth reports focused on how to optimise your productivity.

8. Forest – stay focused and be present

Tamagotchi for adults – for those that get distracted by your phone on a regular basis. Forest involves users planting a seed whenever they start work and then setting a timer. If you don’t exit the Forest app to look at other activities, then the tree lives but if you do…. the tree dies. Simple, effective and a great way to grow actual trees due to their partnership with Trees for the Future.

These apps will help your teams stay connected and productive, especially when they aren’t all in the office together, making them each perfect for hybrid workforces. Each business will have different uses for each app, so it’s a great idea to look at all the above and work out the perfect mix for your company.