A revolutionary partnership.

“Barco are delighted to be working with Urben. Together with our leading video wall technologies Urben enable our end users to experience the wonder and impact large video walls can bring in areas where traditionally they would have been difficult or costly to place. We have seen the positive impact these solutions have had with end users, encouraging collaboration, idea creation and offering impactful presentation. Totally transforming workplaces.”

Andrew Dowsett, Sales Manager OX - UK & Ireland at Barco

Barco UniSee.

Revolutionise your wall.

Look at your large screen in a new way. Barco UniSee is completely compatible with all Urben Wall solutions, offering breathtaking visuals to maximise the potential of your open plan office environment, retail space, receptions, lobbies and more. A bezel-less wall, real-time automatic calibration and richer colours means the ultimate viewing experience.

Barco ClickShare.

Great things happen when people click.

Starting your own meeting has never been easier, in fact it takes less than 7 seconds. Barco ClickShare is ideal for its interactive collaboration and screen sharing capabilities. It offers a unified sharing experience in any room, from your huddle space to your boardroom.

Pre-wired and fully bundled.

Urben solutions featuring Barco technology are pre-wired, fully loomed and have built-in storage for everything you need.

Hours. Not days.

A new way of viewing.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our floor-mounted solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply screw to the floor and attached to the wall (brick, glass... you name it).

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben solution featuring Barco.

Barco weConnect.

Remote learning made easy.

Urben and Barco weConnect takes the stress out of virtual teaching. Modular, yet all-in-one, systems mean you can have a simple solution that is purpose built to suit your teaching style, and pre-configured to ensure installation involves no lengthy disruption or costly setup. The perfect virtual collaboration tool that sees remote learning made easy.