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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Unleash Hybrid Working

Available now

New ways of working.

Urben Hybrid Rooms are the only rooms designed from the ground up for Front Row in Microsoft Teams.

Plug and play.

Power and data connections are all that's needed to run an Urben Microsoft Teams Rooms solution.

Face-to-face, remotely.

Front Row is a new layout, designed to create face-to-face interaction on a Teams call and fully utilise screen real-estate. Urben Hybrid Rooms are designed to enhance the experience as much as possible.

Headache free.

The unique Urben design allows the screens, speakers, cameras, cabling and more to conveniently housed in a single unit which is quickly and easily installed into any office space. So no stress, and they look great too!

All things considered.

We have examined all aspects of these spaces to develop the optimal environment. Everything from screen height and table size to lighting and acoustics is perfected. All the while ensuring it's hassle free and easy for you.

Designed with you in mind.

We have standardised our Hybrid rooms solutions, however, our designers can customise everything from the furniture and interior decor to the technology in the unit itself to suit your companies needs.

Pre-wired and fully bundled.

All Urben systems come pre-wired, fully loomed and loaded with storage. Our Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions really are plug-and-play.

Hours. Not days.

No building work required.

Urben solutions are easy to install quickly. In a morning, an afternoon or outside office hours. Our freestanding, fixed and mobile solutions don't require any work to be done to the fabric of the building. Simply have them wall-mounted, floor mounted or freestanding.

Built for Front Row. Twice.

To fully utilise the advantages of the 21:9 aspect ratio Front Row layout you need the right display(s). For this, we have developed two brand new Urben product lines, specifically designed for the Front Row layout.

Available now

Jupiter and beyond.

With their unique 21:9 aspect ratio the stunning 81" and 105" displays from Jupiter are and perfect for the Front Row in small to medium size meeting rooms.

Jupiter 81"
Jupiter 105"
Available now

Urben dual-screen immersion.

For larger spaces with more participants we've developed 4 dual display options so you can experience Front Row on dual 65" displays and all the way up to dual 98" displays.

Front Row 65" Dual
Front Row 75" Dual
Front Row 86" Dual
Front Row 98" Dual

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Pre-wired and fully bundled.