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Urben are simple stand alone solutions that can be used anywhere

Complete and ready to use out of the box. Just plug in power and data and there you have it - A meeting room Install.

Elegant and Stylish

We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to meeting room technology. Urben engineers have developed an elegant range of truly integrated workspace solutions that are easy to install, manage and operate.

Available in a range of screen sizes from 55” to 98”, Urben solutions help define a new way of working.

Interested in setting up a Zoom Room? Have a look at our Urben range of Zoom Room video conferencing installation units.




Technology Agnostic

Floor mounted solutions, designed to make life easy. Our solutions are innovative and adaptable to your needs.

We are technology agnostic, and work with a wide range of manufacturers, to allow us to tailor your Urben solution to your exact preferences and requirements.


Seriously Slim

Available in a wide range of colour finishes to allow you to customise your Urben solution to your requirements.

Urben solutions are supplied complete and uniquely designed to ensure that installation and commissioning is as simple as possible.

What's in an Urben?

Exceptional engineering expertise with real world experience combined to give you a full range of features to enable collaborative working.

UC/VC system

Urben frames are designed to be equipped with UC/VC codecs and cameras, from any manufacturer.

Two speakers

Integrated enhanced stereo speaker system.


Screens are supplied in various sites and can be sourced from specific manufacturers, as required. The frames are available as Solo, Duo, Trio, Quad options, including touch screen capability.

Effortless Collaboration

Share any content via collaborative touch functionality on any screen.

Aluminium Frame

Unique Aluminium frame, available in a choice of finishes.

Concealed Equipment Pods

Each pod can include an integrated equipment rack, for hardware storage.


Urben frames and panels are available in standard colour finishes with custom colour options.

Screen Combinations

Urben screens are available in different combinations of video, data and/or touch functionality.

Change Frame colour:

Frames for Business

Frames for Business

Urben solutions are fully packaged systems, available with no fuss. Easy to order. Easy to install. Easy to use. Standardised scalable solutions for different size rooms and groups. Saving time, saving money. Meeting rooms that just work. Faster and more efficient decision-making = Improved return on investment.

Feature Detailed Section 1

Urben help organisations to release the power of group collaboration by elevating meeting spaces to true multipurpose “Turn up and Work” collaboration environments. A collaborative visual workspace creates an environment where teams can create, edit and share which leads to faster, interactive and informed decision making.

Feature Detailed Section 2

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