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It's time to customise you Urben. Use our customisation tools below and we will send you detailed quote from your requirements.

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How many screens would you like?

Single, dual or multiple screens can be incorporated into the Urben design to enhance greater collaboration. Whether you need to display video conferencing, presentations etc or encorporate touch screen for added interaction, different screen options enable you to effortlessly meet your needs.

What size screens would you like?

The Urben system will incorporate any size screen (75" or larger), from any screen maufacturer - we have worked with them all, delivering the same sleak design each time.

How many screens would you like?

All of these media wall solutions are made up of 55” inch screens.

How many units would you be looking for?
Select a colour for your Urben Frame

Finally, you can make your Urben frame and panels any colour you like...

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