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Zoom Room updates from Zoomtopia


Zoom Room updates from Zoomtopia

Zoomtopia 2018

Hosted in San Jose, Zoomtopia is Zoom’s annual user conference which hosts speeches from various Zoom experts, technical workshops and high profile keynote speakers including LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Author M.R. Covey and International tennis champion Serena Williams. Party performances from Macklemore and DJ Rated R rounded the event off nicely.

Those who attended the event were treated to a showcase of the new Urben 553 Mini Zoom Room – an all in one, triple screen mini frame housing LG 4K UHD displays. The unit was featured in the Executive Boardroom for the event and demonstrated how powerful the new features and updates in the latest Zoom software release are to the overall Zoom Room Kit.  Some of the most exciting updates to the Zoom Room kit include:

Zoom Room Multi-Share

Zoom Rooms users now have the ability to share content simultaneously across multiple screens from a single Zoom meeting. Configurable from the Zoom Room controller, users can manage how the content is distributed across the room’s displays allowing for a completely frictionless and streamlined sharing experience.

Easy Digital Signage

Zoom can be used to control Digital Signage experiences across all Zoom Room devices. Administrators have more control over how they deliver content, with the ability to schedule content in advance and upload video files directly to their content library. This supports multiple formats including .mp4, .wmv, .avi, and .mov and the fresh updates now supports higher resolution files and larger file sizes.

Enterprise Management

IT managers are now able to better troubleshoot, proactively monitor and mass deploy solutions to multiple Zoom Rooms thanks to the latest Enterprise management update. This includes automatic optimization of Mac and Windows operating system settings during installation, Windows MSI installer for mass deployment on Windows, OAuth support for Office 365 calendar integration and remote Zoom Room rebooting.

Start a Zoom Room Meeting on mobile

Hosting an ad-hoc meeting from a conference room just got even easier. Thanks to proximity detection features between a Zoom Room and mobile devices, users can launch a meeting at the click of a button directly from the Zoom mobile app.  

Zoom Hardware Device Partnerships

Zoom favors hardware providers that are able to provide feature rich integrations that allow for easier deployments of Zoom Rooms. Companies such as AVer, Crestron, Dell, DTEN, Logitech, Polycom, and Suirui have co-developed with Zoom to create devices that minimize the overall number of components needed for rooms.

Urben are able to offer all in one Zoom Room packages through their unique frame designs to allow for easy setup, support and installation of new huddle rooms, conference rooms or executive boardrooms. With an agnostic approach, a custom choice of hardware options can be utilized and deployed quickly and easily across global organizations with rapid speed thanks to the unique installation method. A Zoom Room setup has never been easier with a friction free Urben installation.

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