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Millenials and evolving unified communication


Millenials and evolving unified communication

According to the Forbes Technology Council the C-Suite is increasingly embracing the concept that employees don’t have to be at their desks to be productive.


The changing face of the workspace - With more and more millennials driving workplace behavior, it is no surprise that unified communication (UC) products are shifting from formal meeting rooms to creative collaboration spaces.


The costs are falling - This move is also being sped up by the fact that both hardware and software are no longer cost-prohibitive, so companies are now able to bring UC tools from providers such as Starleaf, Prysm, Microsoft or Zoom into more areas than ever before.


UC tools evolving to suit - As millennials create the need for more community-based collaboration spaces, custom installation solutions have had to keep pace.


Simplicity can also be beautiful - With UC tools being designed with user-simplicity in mind, Urben has taken this concept a step further and created the stunning, yet easy to install and use Urben Mini Frame Series of plug and play collaborative workspace solutions.


To find out more about Urben’s sleek, technology agnostic solutions - that can be used anywhere – come and see what’s in an Urben!

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