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The ISB Experience Room


The ISB Experience Room

The International School of Brussels (ISB) is an international school that provides education to 1500 students between the ages of 3 to 18 from 65 countries around the world.

The ISB challenged themselves to re-imagine the dull admissions process followed by - no longer seeing it simply as a point of information, but as an exciting learning experience for families. Somewhere they can learn whether ISB is the right school for them.

Collaborating with Urben, Prysm and Avocor, the (ISB) is taking a leading role in the innovation of the education sector. The ISB has established a truly innovative ‘Experience Room’, situated within a historic chateau five miles outside of Brussels. Housed in a unique, simple and stylish Urben Media Wall wrap, Prysm’s collaborative software is presented on an impressive Avocor touchscreen display.

It is a case of successful integration of an inspiring workspace that fosters surprise and excitement through the use of the very latest in collaborative technology. The integrated solution has been implemented to revolutionise the admission process; the interactive technology facilitates effective evaluation of the decision to apply to the ISB, while the awe-inspiring aesthetics and integration goes a long way to showcase their dedication and competence in creating the most productive environments for their students.

The room revolutionises the way admissions at schools can be processed, in a fun, innovative and stylish way, while still maintaining the historic beauty of the room. Involving technology as the focal point of the room was of upmost importance to ISB, creating a solution that defined the International Schools future as a modern forward-thinking establishment.

David Willows, Director of Admissions and Advancement explains as such: “I think what we have learnt over the years is that we can’t find the right products and solutions unless we work in partnership with good companies and good service providers. And I think this is a great example of where this has happened, together we have surprised everyone with a piece of technology, that is a problem free solution.”

For Urben, the highlight of this project was the ability to create an audio-visual environment that would directly impact the course of young people’s lives. Alongside our partners, we are proud to have created an environment that blends heritage with technological advancement, reflecting the school’s respect for tradition but desire for progression.

Evidence of the success of the project is clear through a report that since the ISB Experience Room opened in early 2018, the school has witnessed an 11% increase in the number of applications compared to the same period in 2017.  As the innovative admissions process is cited as one of the contributing factors to the increase, it is clear that the ISB is attaining a tangible return on their investment.

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