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Huddle Happy - What is a Huddle Room?


Huddle Happy - What is a Huddle Room?

The rise of the open-office floor plan has been a blessing and a curse. Some argue that breaking down walls engages conversations between staff, boosts collaboration and helps work get done quicker.

On the other hand, there is a growing movement that questions the concentration employees can find in an open plan office, with studies showing that staff can be “15% less productive”.

But don’t panic yet, the Huddle Room is here to get the best of both worlds for the modern office space.

What is a Huddle Room?

For sports teams, a huddle symbolizes a team gathering together to strategize, motivate or celebrate; and an office Huddle Room is no different.

A Huddle Room is a small meeting area, typically designed for seating 3-6 people. They are often equipped with collaboration or video conference technologies and are a contributing factor to the rise of the unified communications (UC) market.

Huddle Happy :)

Huddle rooms are designed to be used alongside larger, more traditional conference rooms, with the specific aim of hosting smaller agile meetings, breakout sessions or scrums.

These small meeting rooms are increasingly popular within workspaces, software solutions provided by companies like Zoom, Prysm and Bluejeans are creating user friendly collaborative environments that people want to use. The Urben Frame hardware bundle allows for these new rooms to be setup in less than a day with a floor mounted, all-in-one, turn-key solution.

What goes into a Huddle Room?

It doesn’t need to be complicated. A modern UC Huddle Room, video conferencing suite or Zoom Room will feature:

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • TV, Monitor, Touch Display or interactive whiteboard
  • Small form PCs
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Speakers

What are the benefits of a Huddle Room?

There are a multitiude of benefits to increasing the quantity of smaller breakout rooms within an office environment:

Productivity and privacy

Ethan S Bernstein, a productivity and collaboration guru from Harvard, found that “Even a modest increase in group-level privacy sustainably and significantly improves line performance”

So the moral of the story – don’t make employees waste time by going out of their way to find privacy. Boost productivity by introducing an easily accessible Huddle Room.

Intimate spaces

It can be difficult to hold a private conversation in an open plan office. Whether it’s for HR queries, product innovation or management meetings, a space away from colleagues can be a much more practical way of progressing important conversations.

Remote workers feel included

Remote and agile working is becoming a fast moving trend for most businesses. But how do you handle desk space for an employee who’s only going to be in the office for a small proportion of the time?

And for workers who are completely remote, how can you organize inclusive meetings to help those staff really feel a part of the team?

Zoom’s powerful video conferencing software in combination with an Urben Zoom Room allows any huddle room to be quickly setup to include all team members globally.

Making the most of limited office space

How often are large executive boardrooms actually used for the full head count they were designed for? Are large meeting spaces being used by a small number of employees at a time? Are employees frequently trying to book the meeting room to find its booked out?

Do more with less

Modern office designers are asking themselves these question as they look to see whether large conference rooms are the best use of this space or if 2-3 huddle rooms within the area could be much more efficient.

It’s worth considering the current meeting room space, the room booking procedure and the current utilization of the room.

How does Urben fit in?

The Urben Mini frame is the perfect partner for Huddle Rooms. The ultra slim design has a built-in screen, microphone, speaker, PC and storage to make setting up a Huddle Room easy-peasy.

Gone are the days of complicated installations; simply wheel in an Urben, plug in power and data and the room is ready to go.

With customizable equipment, colors and finishes and a global installation network, rolling out a global standardized meeting room solution is a piece of cake.

Visit the Urben Mini page for more detail, or Zoom Room customers can take a look here.

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